Handturned Terra - GFN Ken

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Designed by Chris June

Kendamas have changed a lot since we first started making them 8+ years ago. Back then, kendamas were pretty much all the same shape and size, but that is far from the truth these days. Modern tricks demand higher-performance shapes and designs, so to put it simply: the old shapes just don't cut it anymore. Thankfully, our hand-turned kendamas are made one at a time in our Vancouver workshop, giving us an unrivalled ability to design and test out new shapes, and figure out what works best. 

This is our new 'GFN' shape: designed by Terra pro team member Chris June, it is the perfect fit for his technical style of play. We spent a day in the workshop with Chris, measuring kens, drawing CAD files, and turning prototypes on the lathe. The result is the GFN shape: it is packed full of playability and will 'fit in the box' to be approved for use in competitions. 

The following wood species are available:
Birch is a lightly coloured species that is renowned for its solid feel and durability. If you're looking for playability, birch is recommended as a top choice. 
Maple is one of our favourite species for kendama-making. Lightly coloured, durable, and amazingly playable, maple wood is a go-to for many top players. 
White Ash is another longtime favourite of many players. It has prominent grain, crisp feel when playing, and a very satisfying sound. 
Hickory (pictured) is a hard and grainy species, that has a very solid feel while playing.
Black Walnut
 is a dark and beautiful wood species, that has a light and 'clicky' feel while playing. 

Hand-turned in our Workshop
New GFN shape
Modernized cup sizes
Sharp edges to lock stalls
Bearing bead for reduced tangle
Custom hand-sewn carrying bag
Wooden ID Card
Ken length: ~165 mm 
Sarado width: ~73.9 mm

Each ken is made by hand to order; please allow ~5-8 business days for production and shipping. Want something specific that isn't listed on this page? A different wood species, or a modified design? Send us an email and we'll do our best to make it happen for you!

Note: This product is ken only, no tama included. This shape will fit a 60-62 mm tama best. 

KEN ONLY. Each Handturned Terra is numbered, hidden under the sarado. Ken comes packaged in a hand-sewn drawstring carrying bag, and includes a wooden ID card, string, bearing bead, string tool. This June's shape, so a royalty is paid to him for each piece sold, support your favourite players! Stickers included with every order. 

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