Basic Beech - Prefect Shape

A blank canvas

Looking for a solid but minimal setup? These beechwood kens are the perfect fix. 

Made in our Prefect shape, so they 'fit in the box' for competition use. Or you could just try painting something cool on the tama, if competitions aren't your thing. Or maybe try painting the tama, and then use it in a contest! Its up to you to decide.  

Prefect shape
High quality beechwood 
Terra leaf logo engraving
Sharp edges to lock stall tricks
Bottom cup hole for lunar balance
Avg Weight: 83 g ken / 86 g tama 
Tama diameter: 6.3 cm
Ken length: 16.9 cm


Each kendama comes unpackaged, and includes a spare string pack and stickers.

Shape Comparison Chart

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