Handturned - Terra Mini Pill

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Wood Species: Maple
Custom Spike?: No

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These mini Terra Pills are small enough to fit in your pocket, but still ready to stomp your biggest mini-tricks. Mini earth-turn, mini stilt, mini down-spike! Each one is made by hand in our Vancouver workshop. 

Dimensions ~ 1.5" x 3.0" (~3.8 cm x 7.6 cm) when spiked
Avg weight 60 grams

Wood species available for the mini Terra Pill body:
Maple is one of our favourite species for kendama-making. Lightly coloured, durable, and amazingly playable, maple wood is a go-to for many top players. 
White Ash 
is another longtime favourite of many players. It has prominent grain, crisp feel when playing, and a very satisfying sound. 
 is a lightly coloured species that is renowned for its solid feel and durability. If you're looking for playability, birch is recommended as a top choice. 
Hickory is a hard and grainy species, that has a very solid feel while playing.
Black Walnut is a dark and beautiful wood species, that has a light and 'clicky' feel while playing. 
Purpleheart is a long-time Terra classic. It is a mid-high density wood that has good durability, a nice solid feel while playing, and its purple in colour!
Zebrano is a mid density species with a highly contrasting pin-striped woodgrain that is light/dark brown in colour. Has a soft yet solid feel when playing.  
TerraPly is a high quality laminate material, made from thin alternating layers of contrasting wood species. It is mid-high density, with a very sturdy feeling while playing

Custom spike options:
No: choose this option if you just want a solid wood piece, with no custom spike
Acrylic: choose from our current stock of acrylic options
Premium Acrylic: choose from our fancier acrylic, resin, or stabilized wood options
Wood: choose from an extensive list of wood species (see below)
Premium wood: choose from an extensive list of fancy and rare wood species (see below)

Once you have made your choice, please include an order note specifying the wood species / acrylic piece you would like used in your custom piece. We can provide photos of the current acrylic options via email. 

Wood species available for custom spikes:

Ash, Black Bean, Black Walnut, Brown English Oak, Butternut, Cherry, Coffeetree, Greenheart, Gumwood, Hickory, Imbuia, Iroko, Obeche, Paldao, Pecan, Purpleheart, Red Alder, Red Elm, Rimu, Sassafrass, Swamp Ash, Swiss Pear, Sycamore, White Oak
Premium wood species available for custom spikes:
Bloodwood, Bulletwood, Bocote, Bubinga, Burmese Teak, Cocobollo, Congolco Alves, Indian Rosewood, Honduras Mahogany, Kingwood Rosewood, Lacewood, Macassar Ebony, Olivewood, Osage Orange, Padauk, Pau Amarello, Pauferro, Paurose, Phillipine Mahogany, Tulipwood, Vera Wood, Ziricote

These mini Terra Pills are made to order by hand in our shop, please allow ~2-3 weeks for production and shipping. Pill comes in a drawstring carrying bag, strung with a bearing bead. Stickers included with every order. (US Patent D841,100; CA Patent 2,783,804)

See the Terra Pill in action here: