Limited Edition - Terra Sakura

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テラ さくら

For the last six years, we have been a part of the Sakura Days Japan Fair in Vancouver, a local springtime festival that celebrates Japanese culture. Unfortunately this year the festival was cancelled, but this didn't stop us from creating a sakura-themed kendama to celebrate the spring season in proper kendama fashion. 

This year's Sakura kendama is actually made from Sakura wood! This is a lower-density species so the average ken weight is in the mid 70's, and its nice and soft so it will break in quickly and have a great feel. 

Rather than creating packaging that you'll just throw away, we've 'packaged' these in a custom-printed Terra sakura bandana, with artwork that matches the tama. Perfect for keeping the sweat at bay as you gear up for some summer-time jam sessions. 

UPDATE: We've added some ken-only and tama-only options! These are pieces that we were unable to weight match, but chances are they'll be a good fit with another ken/tama from your collection. Note that the ken-only and tama-only options do not include a bandana.  

Prefect shape
High quality sakura wood 
テラ spells 'Terra' on the handle
 Sakura art engraving in the big cup
桜 ("sakura") kanji engraving in the tama bevel
"Beta-beta" sticky clear-coat paint
70/30 tama design for spike tracking
Bottom cup hole for lunar balance
Avg Weight: 74.1 g ken / 78.8 g tama 
Tama diameter: 6.3 cm
Height: 16.9 cm


Each complete kendama comes wrapped in a custom-printed Terra sakura bandana, and includes a spare string and stickers.

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