Prefect - Handturned Desert Ironwood

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A Kendama Like No Other

The Prefect is designed for modern competitive play, it "fits in the box", so you can use it at any major contest. Hand-turned one at a time in our Vancouver workshop, this is a luxury kendama without rival. 

Desert Ironwood (Olneya Tesota) is the most rare and expensive wood species we have ever worked with (by a long shot). Native to the Southwest USA and Northern Mexico, this species grows extremely slowly in desert environments, so the amount of material available to woodworkers each year is very limited. 

It is difficult to find words that do this wood species justice. It is unmatched in density, hardness, and it finishes to a glass-like surface that shows off the deep and beautifully contrasted woodgrain. The only bad thing to say about it is that it is very difficult to work with, making tools go dull super fast! If you're looking for luxury, this kendama is absolutely unmatched. 

Prefect Shape
Handturned Ken & Tama
Modernized cup sizes
Sharp edges to lock stall tricks
Finished to a high polish, for maximum beauty
Bearing bead for reduced tangle
Weight: 149.4 g ken / 150.5 g tama 
Tama diameter: 6.25 cm
Spike Length: 16.90 cm
Handsewn carrying bag
Wooden ID card

'Prefect' means 'head of it's class'. We chose this name because we think this is the best dama we've made yet, we hope you'll agree.

The Terra Prefect comes packaged in a drawstring carrying bag. Kendama comes unstrung, includes string, bearing bead, string tool. Stickers included with every order. 

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