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Competition Ready

The Prefect is our newest shape. Designed for modern competitive play, it "fits in the box", so you can use it at any major contest. Made in the USA, assembled and quality checked in our Canadian workshop, the Prefect is a premium kendama that will help you push your skills to the next level. 

Hickory is a dense wood species that is well known for being very hard and durable. It has a very 'solid' feeling when playing, giving you confidence to lock in even the toughest tricks. 
Carrying Bag hand-sewn in our workshop with love, complete with custom hang-tag. 


Modernized cup sizes
Sharp edges to lock stall tricks
Unfinished tama for maximum playability
Tama burn for spike tracking
Bearing bead for reduced tangle
Avg Weight: 74.0 g ken / 76.8 g tama 
Weight-matched kens and tamas
Height: 16.9 cm
Tama diameter: 6.3 cm
'Prefect' means 'head of its class'. We chose this name because we think this is the best dama we've made yet, we hope you'll agree.

The Terra Prefect comes packaged in a drawstring carrying bag (made in our workshop!). Kendama comes unstrung, includes string, bearing bead, string tool. Stickers included with every order. Please note that while some of the tamas have a heavily contrasted split in the woodgrain (as pictured), there are some that do not have this aesthetic in the batch. 

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