Roddama Handturned - Beerus


Name Beerus
Wood Species Zebrano, Purpleheart, Maple
Tama Sweets HG Maple and Purpleheart
Size Standard, with larger cups (competition approved)
Ken Length 163.1 mm
Sarado Width 72.4 mm
Ken Weight 83.7 g
Tama Weight 86.0 g 

Beerus is made from zebrano and purpleheart, with maple accents that really make the other two species pop. Zebrano grain is always wild, and the sturdy purpleheart spike won't be going flat anytime soon. 

This kendama was handturned by Terra pro Roddama in our Vancouver workshop. Cut, glued, turned, and finished by Rod, this is a one of a kind beauty.

Kendama comes in a drawstring Terra bag, includes an ID card, a bearing bead string pack, and a bunch of stickers. 

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