Flatpack Terra Pill

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A puzzle you can play with!

**Just One Left!**

We've teamed up with 44 RPM toys to bring this new version of the Pill to life! 

Lasercut from a single disk of wood, you can pop the pieces out to build your own Flat Pack Pill! But that is only half the fun - there is a world of new tricks to discover with the unique shape of the flat pack design. There is space for 16 nickels to be added to the Flat Pack Pill during assembly, bringing the total weight of the toy very close to that of a standard beechwood Pill. 

Watch Guy Wright play the Flatpack Pill:

Stickers included with every order. Made & designed in the USA. Lasercut from 1/8″ Birch & packed in a hand-screened record sleeve. The Pill is Patent Pending US 13/554,518.