TK16 Original - Light Blue

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The TK16 is a classic

Born in 2001, the TK16 is a kendama that nearly every player knows and loves. For 15 years, it was a benchmark of quality and durability in the kendama world. In 2016 it was discontinued, the end of the green seal that was so well loved. 

Now, the company that produced the TK16 is back, releasing a new product called the TK16 Original. This kendama is crafted in Japan, and the design has been updated and improved, to match the evolution of kendama play. Produced under the supervision of GLOKEN, the TK16 Original is a must-have for any serious player. 

Size Competition Standard
Wood species
Avg weight 76 gram tama / 74 gram ken
Tama Bevel 22 mm
Paint TK 16 Original Gloss

Includes TK16 Original kendama, packaging, instructions (in Japanese), spare string. Terra stickers included with every order.