Craig Langkaas - Flow

Born in Calgary AB. Now lives in Vancouver, BC

Living Since 1990
Playing since 2012

KWC Top 100 2016 (no. 66)
KWC Top 100 2015 (no. 80)
Dama on the Drive Shop Champ - October 2017

Dama Story
Summer of 2012 I was living in Edmonton, AB and one of my old friends from Calgary, Curtis Fagan kept posting statuses and videos of this toy thing called kendama. Very intrigued I looked it up on YouTube and I think the first video I ever watched was this “kendama champion” showing off his skills in a parking lot (Shoutout Shinichiro Miyake!). I had to try it for myself. I messaged Curtis asking how I can get one and he told me that because I’m in Edmonton I should just get in touch with his friend Alex Smith. I met up with Alex and bought an apple green KCN Battle kendama. I was hooked right away. Pretty early on I realized that kendama was more than just a simple toy. Kendama is an incredible catalyst for personal growth and achievement. It has taken me across the world to places I’d never thought I’d be, introduced me to life-long friends, and taught me many things I would never expect to learn from a wooden toy. Incredibly stoked to be repping Terra Kendama and spreading the kendama love.

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