Misumi Nakao - Pro

Alias Missu

Living in Osaka, Japan

Living Since 2005
Playing since 2013

Instagram @jamcotti

JKA 5th Dan
Girls Dama Jam Festa Advanced Winner
Worldwide all girls video kendama contest 2016 Runner up
Kurasawa Cup Winner
Minnesota Kendama Open 2015 Intermediate 3rd place
Minnesota Kendama Open 2017 Girls Division Winner

Dama Story
I learned about how fun Kendama is at a Zoomadanke event when I was 8. Since that day, Kendama has become something I couldn't live without. It has given me amazing experiences and the opportunity to meet and be taught by a lot of people. It has given me friends across the globe.

Thanks to all the people I met, I could discover the joy of Kendama. I am so grateful.

Sometimes practicing is rough, but if you persevere, you are sure to succeed, and when you lace after putting in that effort, it's awesome.

I hope to keep on with my kendama journey, continuing to experience new things and meet more amazing people.

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