Handturned Terra - Custom Circular Inlay

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Wood Species: Domestic / Common Exotic

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Circular Inlay

Add a circular inlay to the ken. Our suggestion: use a lower-density species, and position the inlay under the Terra leaf seal on the handle (this makes better lunar balance, and nice framing for the seal). Alternatively, use a high-density species in the sarado, again for improved lunar balance. 

This product page allows you to add customization options to an order for a handturned ken. You must first add a handturned ken to your cart, and then add the custom options you are interested in.

Please include an order note describing your custom request in detail (wood species of choice, design details, etc), and then we'll get in touch by email to confirm the design before we begin work on your kendama.  

Wood Species:

Birch is a mid density and lightly coloured species that is renowned for its solid feel and durability. If you're looking for playability, birch is recommended as a top choice. 
Maple is one of our favourite species for kendama-making. Mid density, lightly coloured, durable, and amazingly playable, maple wood is a go-to for many top players. 
White Ash is another longtime favourite of many players. It has a mid-low density, prominent grain, crisp feel when playing, and a very satisfying sound. 
Hickory is a hard and grainy species, with a mid-high density that has a very crisp, solid feel while playing. Colour ranges from light to dark brown.
Black Walnut is a dark and beautiful wood species with a mid-low density, that has a light and clicky feel while playing. 

Common Exotic:
Purpleheart is a long-time Terra classic. It is a mid-high density wood that has good durability, a nice solid feel while playing, and its purple in colour!
Zebrano is a mid density species with a highly contrasting pin-striped woodgrain that is light/dark brown in colour. Has a soft yet solid feel when playing.  
Jatoba is a very high density wood species that is a deep reddish-brown in colour. It is hard, durable, and solid feeling when playing.
Padauk is a mid-density species that is bright orange/red in colour when freshly cut. It has a crisp/glassy feel when playing.

Rare Exotic:
is a high quality laminate material, made from thin alternating layers of contrasting wood species. It is mid-high density, with a very sturdy feeling while playing. 
Indian Rosewood is a rare and beautiful species, with a mid-low density and a very nice glassy feel when playing. Purple-brown in colour, finishes to a glass-like polish.
Khamphi Rosewood is a rare species with a very high density, and a solid yet crispy feel when playing. Orange-red in colour, with a beautiful woodgrain that finishes to a glass-like polish.

Super Rare:
Mun Ebony is a very rare species with a very high density, and a very solid feel when playing. Quite hard and durable, with dark black woodgrain that is sometimes interrupted with streaks of light blond colour.
Black & White Ebony is a very rare and beautiful species with highly contrasted woodgrain, it is a favourite of many players for its looks. It is hard and durable, with a high density and a solid feel while playing. 
Burl/Resin pieces can add some unique beauty to a ken. These pieces are high density, so you might consider also adding an inlay to the sarado to help balance the ken out. Contact us to find out what is currently available (colours, opacity, etc).

Note: we will contact you after checkout to confirm your custom design. We reserve the right to cancel and fully refund an order in case a design is not possible, or wood species are not available in the required dimensions. But in general, we'll do our best to make it work!

Each ken is made by hand to order; please allow ~4-6 weeks for production and shipping of a custom order. Want something specific that isn't listed on this page? A different wood species, or a modified design? Send us an email and we'll do our best to make it happen for you!