Terra Pill - Purpleheart

If you're a Pill player looking for a more serious toy then you've come to the right spot.    

This run of premium Terra Pills were designed with the player in mind: from their eye-catching woodgrain to their playability and feel, these Pills are truly something special. We selected these wood species for their varied aesthetic, density, and feel, leaving the player with a range of models to choose from according to their preferences. 

Purpleheart Is a Terra Kendama classic!
Avg weight 135.2 grams
Aesthetic naturally purple, with hints of brown. Small white flecks are also common in the grain
Durability Quite high. Good impact resistance, good chipping resistance
Feel Crisp spikes, while still very solid feeling all around

All premium Terra Pills come in drawstring bags, and include an extra string and stickers. Patent Pending (13/554,518)

We define impact resistance as the ability to take an impact (e.g. from a missed spike) without taking heavy dents or  damage. Chipping resistance is a measure of how likely a species is to chip under a heavy impact. We like to torture test our products, so these measures are based on our experiences with these wood species in the past, but they are in no way absolutes. Any wooden toy is expected to show wear after being played with. To keep your toy in good condition, we recommend playing gently, over a padded floor.