About Terra Kendama

Run by kendama players, for kendama players. 
Terra Kendama is a small Canadian company run by kendama players originally from Edmonton, AB, and currently located in Vancouver, BC. What sets our products apart is the attention to detail put into each and every kendama, as well as the beautiful and exotic woods we make them from. These kendamas are made one at a time by people who are both enthusiastic about the game and extremely high skilled players; this means that when you purchase a Terra ken you can feel confident that our products are made to a high standard. After all, these are the kendamas we play with daily, and we hope you will love them as much as we do.

Creator of The Pill

A simple yet addictive juggling toy.
The Pill was first born one hot summer day, undoubtedly inspired by our time spent playing kendama, but with a novel and simplified design. Made of Jatoba wood, we immediately began experimenting with our new creation, discovering new tricks while honing the design for maximum playability. Today we are proud to offer both handmade and factory produced options for The Pill. As this toy's popularity continues to rise, players from around the world are continuing to invent new tricks and push the limits of possibility with such a simple design.


Terra Kendama is proud to have sponsored the following events: 

European Kendama Open (Yorkshire, UK, August 2015)
Kendama World Cup (Hatsukaichi, Japan, July 2015)
SPIKE-ramento (Sacramento CA, June 2015)
Czech Kendama Open (Zlin, Czech Republic, June 2015)
Rocky Mountain Rumble (Denver CO, June 2015)
Battle at the Border (Nashville TN, June 2015)
Dama in the D 2 (Wyandotte MI, May 2015)
Girl's Dama Jam Festa (Osaka, Japan, May 2015)
Tacoma Takeover 2 (Tacoma WA, May 2015)
National Kendama Retreat (Angelus Oaks CA, April 2015)
BC Provincial Yoyo Competition (Burnaby BC, March 2015)
Willy P's Shredstock (Woodstock GA, March 2015)
Kore Kendama Jam (Edmonton AB, January 2015)

Kore Kendama Jam (Edmonton AB, November 2014)
Minnesota Kendama Open (Minneapolis MN, November 2014)
The Van Jam (Vancouver BC, September 2014)
Canadian National Return Top Championship (Vancouver BC, August 2014)
Battle in Seattle (Seattle WA, August 2014)
European Kendama Open (Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2014)
Kendama World Cup Hatsukaichi (Hatsukaichi, Japan, July 2014)
Tacoma Takeover (Tacoma WA, March 2014)

Calgary Kendama Open Battle (Calgary AB, October 2013) 
Minnesota Kendama Open (St. Paul MN, October 2013)
Canadian National Return Top Championship (Edmonton AB, August 2013)
Battle in Seattle (Seattle WA, July 2013)
The Kengarden Roots Tour (West Coast USA, July 2013)
European Kendama Open at EJC (Toulouse, France, July 2013)
Gloken Cup (Nara, Japan, July 2013)
Gloken Kendama Night (Matsumoto, Japan, July 2013)
Dama Fest (Atlanta GA, May 2013)
Spikedama II (The Netherlands, 2013)

Battle in Seattle (Seattle WA, June 2012)
Kendama Edmonton Summer Battle (Edmonton AB, July 2012)

Attended and/or Vendored Events:
Sakura Days Japan Fair (Vancouver BC, April 2015)
Sakura Classic (San Francisco CA, April 2015)
Catch & Flow (Tokyo, Japan, September 2014)
Bay Area Classic Yoyo Competition (San Francisco CA, May 2013)
European Kendama Open at EJC (Lublin, Poland, July 2012)

Keep an eye on our Instagram feed for more Terra sponsored events happening in the future!