Jam Night

Dama on the Drive


Dama on the Drive
#201 - 1011 Commercial Drive (Upstairs)

We're in the midst of opening a brand new location on Commercial Drive! This location will be a full-time retail shop and kendama jam zone, the perfect spot to hang out and learn some new tricks!

The shop is open full-time yet, but come check it out in the meantime during one of our weekly jam nights! 


 Most days, we are busy working away in our woodshop turning fresh new kens and other toys. But every Tuesday night from 5-7 PM, we officially open our doors to the public for Jam Night! Come play with our large collection of skill toys, learn new tricks, meet the pros, and purchase some new toys! If Tuesday night does not work for you, please email us a day or two in advance of your visit so we know when to expect you.

Jam Night hours every Tuesday from 5-7 PM. Additional Hours may be listed above.


The front end of our workspace is set up to be a hangout and jam space. We have a huge selection of kendamas and other toys that you can try out, cushioned flooring that is made for learning spacewalk tricks, and some comfy seating for when you need a break. Our goal is to create a comfortable and inviting space for all players to meet and learn new skills. If you're in the area, please come check us out!

Jam Night has been host to many special guests in the past, including: Rodney Ansell, Eric Martin, Matt Rice, Alex Smith, Max Norcross, Keith Matsumura, Colin Sander, Christian Fraser, Turner Thorne, Mr. Sourmash, Haley Bishoff, Jake Wiens, Matt Sweets, Tamotsu Kubota, Chad Covington, Kristian Aynedter, Brandon Meyer, The Gallagher twins, Luke Ford, Will Schiebe, and more! Come hang out, you never know who you might run into in our workshop!

We have a selection of toys from various brands for sale in our shop. Current stock includes items from:


We accept cash, credit cards, and bitcoin.