Terra Pill - Process

The Terra Pill was first born one hot summer day, undoubtedly inspired by our time spent playing kendama, but with a novel and simplified design. The first one was made of Jatoba wood, and we immediately began experimenting with our creation, discovering new tricks while honing the design for maximum playability. Today we are proud to offer both handmade and factory produced options for the Pill. As this toy's popularity continues to rise, players from around the world are continuing to invent new tricks and push the limits of possibility with such a simple design.

Over time, the demand for the Pill outpaced our ability to produce them by hand, so we began investigating ways to step up production. Soon after, a partnership with Kendama USA was born, and Alex traveled to a factory in China to oversee the first production run. As a handmade brand, we felt it was important to maintain our hands-on approach in this new venture. Weeks were spent visiting wood suppliers, finalizing product and packaging designs, and setting quality control standards that we were comfortable with.

Today, we have stayed committed to the same hands-on approach by continuing to work closely with the factories to bring new, quality products to our customers. The Pill has changed from an experiment on the lathe to a skill toy of its own right, with players from around the world enjoying its addictive simplicity. Every day we see players coming up with new tricks and variations that we had never envisioned the first time we carved out a Pill on the lathe, and it brings us great joy to know that others find this toy so fun.

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A special thanks to Jeremy Stephenson for the photos