Natura Pro Model

This pro model series is all about exploring the world, and discovering your new favourite spots to play kendama. Maybe you'll find a good spot in that park down the street, or on a nearby mountain peak, or maybe the lighting in your kitchen is juust perfect for the dama shred. Whatever your spot may be, kendama offers a new way to explore the world, and we'd like to celebrate that fact. 

Kendama is growing; where will it take you?

All the Benefits of the Prefect Shape

We believe the Prefect is the best shape we've ever produced, so it was the natural choice for the new pro models. Incredibly well-balanced and competition-approved, the pro models are made to play. 

"beta-beta" paint

Our new "beta-beta" paint is a sticky clear coat that'll have you slapping lunars like the pros. Your kendama will look like a beauty, and you'll be slaying like a beast.
ベタベタ(Beta-Beta) is a Japanese word for "sticky." 

Each pro model kendama comes packaged with premium stickers, extra string pack, and a fold-out poster.

Direct Support for your Favourite Pro

When you purchase a pro model, a portion of the sale goes straight to that pro.
Help support our team doing what they love!

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