Chris June - Pro

Born in Rancho Mirage, CA. Raised and now living in Portland, OR

Living since 1995
Playing Since 2012
Instagram @chrisgoon

Into Kendama, any skill toy, strategy games, Smash Bros, drawing, graphic arts, attention to detail, and creativity

I don't have any dope titles that I rep, but I wish there was a way to track placings for every competition. Someone would have to sit down and grind it. I think it would a great way to know a players ranking year by year! 

How I Started 
I started playing kendama my sophomore year of high school. I remember seeing a bunch of older kids (s/o Jake Reilly and Miles Johnson) playing kendama where everyone would hang out during lunch. It wasn't until the day that Wyatt Bray had gotten hooked on it by borrowing a friend's kendama. By the end of the day, he showed me what he had learned. I thought it was so sick. I played with his kendamas for awhile until I had finally gotten my own for my birthday. From that point on, the grind began!

School of thought
The feeling that every player gets when they land a banger no matter the skill level is why I play kendama.
I love watching someone get stoked on even their first big cup or spike. I have also always enjoyed the self progression aspect of kendama. Pushing yourself and seeing results becomes addicting! 

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