Curio Begleri - Maple and Walnut Bricks

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The Curio begleri is produced in collaboration with Around Square. If you're new to begleri, we recommend checking out Around Square to see whats possible with this awesome new skilltoy. 

These Brick-patterned Curio beads are laminated and turned by hand in our Vancouver workshop. Each bead is a 30-piece laminate of Black Walnut and Canadian Maple, and is approximately 20mm in diameter by 22mm tall. Each set includes many different AO2 hardcore beads (listed below), allowing a wide range of options so you customize the weight, look, and feel of your Curios. Each set also includes a set of either pink or blue splash anodized AO2 modern standard beads, so you can put the extra hardcore beads to use as well. This batch is limited to just 8 sets, once they're gone thats it!

Set includes:
2x Handturned Walnut / Maple Curio beads
2x Titanium Hercs (5.1g each) 
2x Brass Nano Standards (2.4g each) 
2x Brass Newtons (8.3g each)
2x Aluminum Micro Hydras (1.6g each) 
2x Copper Micro Hydras (5.2g each)
2x Splash Anodized Aluminum Modern Standard Beads (5g each)

Each set also comes with additional strings, stickers, and a drawstring Terra carrying bag (larger than the usual AO2 bags). Extra stickers included with every order.