Guy Wright - Pro

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Born in the backwoods of New Hampshire, now resides in San Francisco, CA

Yoyo since 2008
Kendama since 2012
Pill since 2013

Significant Achievements
Released two signature series yo-yos as a pro player for SPYY
4th place Cal states 2014

Favourite yoyo tricks
Repeaters, whips and slack, but most of all tricks that have "feeling". They dont need to be super hard or crazy tech, just have to have good flow and a good look to them. If it looks good i like it.

Favourite kendama tricks

Lunars, lighthouses, killswitch engaged (Jake Wiens), scooping tricks, silly tricks, and again anything with "feeling".

Favourite Pill tricks
Stilts, hand rolls, string tricks, hard downspikes.

Favourite kendama edits  Gone fishin' (shows what is really important in kendama, having fun with friends goofing around and being creative) Colin Sander edits (raw skill and flow), anything from Jake wiens (the man knows how to make a fun video), musous on a plane 1 and 2 (another example of how much fun you can have if you are playing Dama with buddies, even if you are confined to a plane.)

I have always been into skill toys for as long as I can remember. Learned to juggle from my dad at a young age and always loved manipulating objects. The idea of controlling something real has always been appealing to me, and being a show off helps too ;) 
I was born in NH and moved to CA when I was 10 years old, moved to Boston for a few years and now I'm back in CA. I love CA and never plan on moving - and with the Tuesday Kengarden/San Franpycho meet ups how could I?
I live a pretty mellow life. when I'm not playing pill and yoyoing, I'm usually hanging with my beautiful girlfriend, throwing darts in my apartment, playing video games (FPS's mostly), or bar hopping with my friends and stumbling thru the streets of SF. I'm at the Kengarden/SFP meet up every Tuesday with a beer in hand ready to throw down some tricks and just be around good people.