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This shape was designed by Terra pro team member Rodney Ansell, who has been honing his skills turning kendamas for over 5 years now. Each one is hand-turned by Rodney in our Vancouver workshop, made to order just for you. After many years playing and creating kendamas at the highest level, Rod has learned what makes a solid and dependable setup that will help you lace even your toughest tricks. 

The following wood species are available:
Birch (pictured) is a lightly coloured species that is renowned for its solid feel and durability. If you're looking for playability, birch is recommended as a top choice. 
Maple is one of our favourite species for kendama-making. Lightly coloured, durable, and amazingly playable, maple wood is a go-to for many top players. 
White Ash is another longtime favourite of many players. It has prominent grain, crisp feel when playing, and a very satisfying sound. 
Hickory is a hard and grainy species, that has a very solid feel while playing.
Black Walnut is a dark and beautiful wood species, that has a light and 'clicky' feel while playing. 
Purpleheart is a long-time Terra classic. It is a mid-high density wood that has good durability, a nice solid feel while playing, and its purple in colour!
Zebrano is a mid density species with a highly contrasting pin-striped woodgrain that is light/dark brown in colour. Has a soft yet solid feel when playing.  
Padauk is a mid-density species that is bright orange/red in colour when freshly cut. It has a crisp/glassy feel when playing.
Indian Rosewood is a rare and beautiful species, with a mid-low density and a very nice glassy feel when playing. Purple-brown in colour, finishes to a glass-like polish.
Khamphi Rosewood is a rare and luxurious species with a very high density, and a solid yet crispy feel when playing. Orange-red in colour, with a beautiful woodgrain that finishes to a glass-like polish.
Mun Ebony is a very rare species with a very high density, and a very solid feel when playing. Quite hard and durable, with dark black woodgrain that is sometimes interrupted with streaks of light blond colour.
Black & White Ebony is a very rare and beautiful species with highly contrasted woodgrain, it is a favourite of many players for its looks. It is hard and durable, with a high density and a solid feel while playing. 

Note: If you have a specific request (ie, a thinner spike, or skinnier sarado, etc), feel free to include a note with your order during checkout making these requests. Thats the fun of a custom order, its made to your liking!

Each ken is made by hand to order; please allow ~5-10 business days for production and shipping (orders that include further customization may have longer production times).  

KEN ONLY, no tama included. Will fit a ~61.5 mm tama best. Ken comes packaged in a hand-sewn drawstring carrying bag, and includes a wooden ID card, string, bearing bead, string tool. Stickers included with every order. Purchasing this item directly supports your favourite player (Rod)! 

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