Limited Edition - Terra X

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10 Years of Terra

Terra Kendama started with a simple question: could we make a kendama? Could we contribute something to this game that had captured our attention? 

 A decade later, we're proud to have helped innovate and push kendama play to levels we never could have dreamed of back then. 

This kendama is a celebration of the good times we've had, the friends we've gained along the way, and the adventures still to come. Paying homage to the classic purpleheart ken with a white tama that we were well-known for in the early days, these kendamas feature a purpleheart/maple X-laminate ken, with a heavy purpleheart sarado. Topped with a painted beechwood tama that includes 10-year engravings, this setup is a heavy-hitter that looks as good as it plays. 

Aurum shape
Beechwood Tama
Maple & Purpleheart Ken 
Terra X Engravings in Cups
Bottom cup hole for lunar balance
ベータ-ベータ ("Beta-beta") Sticky paint

Extra String and Bearing pack  
Terra 10-Year Bandana
Height: 16.18 cm
Tama diameter: 6.15 cm
Avg Weight: 88.8 g ken / 81.2 g tama 


 Kendama comes sealed in a sealed package, includes a spare string/bearing pack, sticker, and Terra 10-year bandana.  

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