Limited Edition - Terra x Rage Quit - GFN Purpleheart

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Rage Quit Sucks

A haunting laugh fills the room, as a sinister smile penetrates the smoke. This kendama was made in collaboration with Vancouver apparel brand Rage Quit, it features a full purpleheart ken and tama, and is covered with a whole lot of spooky engravings. 

All of these kendamas feature a sparkly paint on top, but 1 in every 6 packages contains a rare fully sparkly tama, in a new prototype 'glitter grip' textured paint. 

These were made in our GFN shape, which was designed by Terra pro player Chris June to be a slim, agile shape with big cups that will inspire confidence for even your toughest tricks. We're excited to see what you can do with it.

GFN shape
Full Purpleheart wood
1st edition Terra and Rage Quit engravings
Sticky purple painted big and small cup
"Beta-beta" sticky clear-coat paint on tama
1 in 6 features prototype full 'glitter grip' paint
Large basecup 'bullet-hole' for lunar balance
Bearing Bead for reduced string tangle
Avg Weight:  89.3 g ken / 100.1 g tama 
Tama diameter: 6.15 cm
Ken length: 16.37 cm


Each kendama comes in a sealed package, and includes a spare string/bearing pack and stickers. Full sparkly 'glitter grip' models are mixed in at random and use the same packaging; we do not know which is which when shipping them out. Note: as these are sealed boxes with a random chance of 'fully shiny', we are not fulfilling weight requests for this product, they will remain sealed until delivered. 

Shape Comparison Chart