Limited Edition - Van Jam - GFN

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Return of the Jam

Kendama is about pushing yourself to learn something new, and one of the best ways to do that is to engage with other players that will motivate and inspire you. Van Jam is a celebration of this, as players assemble to stoke out and jam. 

This year, we've produced a special run of Van Jam kendamas, available for a limited time while supplies last. Crafted from a high quality maple wood, featuring Van Jam artwork in our GFN shape, this is a dama made for the jam. 

For information about the Van Jam event / online event, see this page.

GFN shape
High quality maple 
"Beta-beta" Sticky paint
Van Jam artwork on tama
Van Jam engravings on big cup
Large 'bullet hole' for lunar balance
Comes packaged in a Van Jam Bandana
Extra String and Bearing pack included
Avg Weight: 73.4 g ken / 80.1 g tama 
Height: 16.18 cm
Tama diameter: 6.15 cm


 Kendama comes packaged in a custom Van Jam print bandana, includes a spare string/bearing pack, and Terra stickers. This model is also available in our Aurum shape

Shape Comparison Chart