Matthew Rice

Portland, OR 
Playing since 2008

Instagram @dealwithitsf

Significant Achievements
Winning the first Kengarden battle when they were actually small enough to be in the Kengarden was pretty amazing. What was more amazing was the dance party that ensued after it. Also buying a mugen for $25 back in the day because I wanted " the white one".

Influential Kendama Edit(s) 
When I first started I watched people like Shimadera, Raphael Cochet, Yuuki Harada, Freedom Kendama, and Sander. These were the only dudes really making videos back then and what made me really want to make one. So overall I would say that these were some of the most inspiring.

Favourite Kendama Memory I would have to say the first few Kengarden battles because they had a real sense of family. We spent one day making someone's garden all nice, then the next day shredding and partying. Also the first Kengarden Roots tour was just beyond amazing. Growing up we always watched videos of skaters on tour but this was pretty much exactly like that but with Dama. On the road people would always ask what kind of band we were which was pretty cool.