Pro Model - Eric Martin

Our team is the best

Eric has been a part of our team since the earliest days of Terra Kendama; he chose to make his pro model out of white ash, with stripes of padauk running down the middle of the ken. These kendamas match Eric's style of play well: the white ash is perfect for technical stall tricks, and it has great grip for lunars too!

White Ash is a new favourite of the kendama community. It has prominent grain, a crisp feel, and very clean sound when playing. 
Padauk is a firey red wood species, well known for it's very crisp and glassy feel.
Avg Weight: 85.4 gram ken / 88.9 gram tama

The pro models are LBB sized, 100% made in Canada, and a portion of sales go directly to the pros. The starting blanks are custom-made in the Terra workshop, and then turned by CNC-lathe in Edmonton. Each piece is weight-matched, numbered, and engraved with Eric's initials. Comes in a sealed package, includes a carrying bag, string, bead, and string tool. Stickers included with every order.