Pro Model - Rodney Ansell - Maple

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The Natura Series 

This pro model series is all about exploring the world, and discovering your new favourite spots to play kendama. Maybe you'll find a good spot in that park down the street, or on a nearby mountain peak, or maybe the lighting in your kitchen is juust perfect for the dama shred. Whatever your spot may be, kendama offers a new way to explore the world, and we'd like to celebrate that fact. 

This special edition Rod pro model is made from maple wood, one of our long-time favourites. All around playability, a Canadian classic. 

Kendama is growing; where will it take you?

Prefect shape
Modernized cup sizes
High quality maple wood 
Sharp edges to lock stall tricks
"Beta-beta" sticky clear-coat paint
Tama stripes for spike tracking
Bottom cup hole for lunar balance
Extra string pack, poster, and stickers
Avg Weight: 81.0 g ken / 88.2 g tama 
Ken length: 16.9 cm
Tama diameter: 6.3 cm


This production helps support our pro team: when you purchase a pro model, a portion of the sale goes directly to that pro. Stickers included with every order. 

Shape Comparison Chart