Roddama Handturned - Buckey


Name Buckey
Wood Species White Ash / Skateply
Tama GT Raw ash (standard size)
Shape Roddama custom, height 164.5 mm width 76.4 mm
Ken Weight 80.0 g
Tama Weight 76.2 g

This kendama was handturned by Terra pro Roddama. It is made from white ash, with oversized skateply cups to suit the modern play style. White ash is very crisp and playable, while the maple cups provide durability and great feel. The sarado on this one is extra wide, adding more weight for balance tricks like lunar lander. Topped with a GT raw ash tama so, you know it'll get nice and grippy.

This handturned Roddama ken comes in a drawstring Terra bag, includes an ID card, a bearing bead string pack, and a bunch of stickers. 

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