Roddama Handturned - Emmanuel


Name Emmanuel
Wood Species Maple / Walnut
Tama Maple / Walnut Homegrown tama
Shape Roddama custom, height 164.2 mm, width 73.1 mm 
Ken Weight 83.7 g
Tama Weight 75.8 g

This kendama was handturned by Terra pro Roddama. It is made from a custom laminate of maple and black walnut, with oversized cups to suit the modern play style. These two wood species are a classic combo, well-loved by woodworkers for the workability, and by kendama players for the playability. Check the detail in the sarado, the spike is centred in a walnut collar. This is a unique jammer that is ready for your toughest tricks. 

This handturned Roddama ken comes in a drawstring Terra bag, includes an ID card, a bearing bead string pack, and a bunch of stickers. 

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