Roddama Handturned - Neil


Name Neil
Wood Species White Oak / Red Oak / Wenge
Tama Terra-Painted Bubinga
Size Standard, with larger cups (competition approved)
Ken Weight 90.0 grams
Tama Weight 94.4 grams

This kendama was handturned by Terra pro Roddama, a little while before he left to spend a year in Japan. It is made from a custom laminate of white oak, red oak, and wenge pinstripes, and features a sleek shape with oversized cups to suit the modern play style. Oak is a very hard and dense species, with a very solid feel that is sure to inspire confidence. The wenge pinstripes offer a beautiful contrast, with one stripe running straight down the centre of the spike. Topped with a Terra-painted bbubinga tama, so it'll have the perfect grip to help with those tough balance tricks. 

This handturned Roddama ken comes in a drawstring Terra bag, includes an ID card, a bearing bead string pack, and a bunch of stickers.