Roddama Handturned - Phil & Lil


Names Phil & Lil
Wood Species Mahogany, Gabon Ebony, Bubinga, Maple, Walnut
Tama Beeswaxed Bubinga
Shape Roddama custom, height 159.5 mm width 72.4 mm 
Ken Weight 99.0 g / 96.6 g (Phil / Lil)
Tama Weight 96.7 g / 94.8 g (Phil / Lil)

These two identical kendamas were handturned by Terra pro Roddama. They are twins, made from a custom laminate of mahogany, gabon ebony, bubinga, maple, and walnut. The sarado on both of these is much heavier than the ken, so they'll be absolutely epic for lunar lander tricks, while the jet black ebony stripe is certain to turn some heads. Topped with a beeswaxed bubinga tama, these are a couple of serious jammers. 

This handturned Roddama ken comes in a drawstring Terra bag, includes an ID card, a bearing bead string pack, and a bunch of stickers. 

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