Roddama Handturned - SkatePly - Oddish

RodDama Handturned 

Name Oddish
Wood Species SkatePly Maple
Tama Terra-painted beech
Size Regular, slightly larger cups
Ken Weight 81.4 grams

This Roddama has already found a home. It is not for sale.

Skateply is made to take a beating, it is literally the same material that skateboards are made from: Canadian hard-maple. 

Terra pro team member Eric Martin is also a sponsored snowboarder, riding for Alberta-based Olive Skateboards. Olive has been pressing their own skateboards in Canada for over 20 years, using world-renowned Canadian hard-maple to make boards that can survive a serious beating. We've collaborated with Olive to make some kendamas using that same rock-solid maple, and the result is one of the most solid feeling kendamas you will ever play.