Sourmash Beech - Finder's Mark - Flower

One-of-a-kind Sourmash

The Finder's Mark series is an experimental batch of tamas made to test new production techniques. Each one is unique, this one features floral designs. Mr Sourmash has worked his magic on these, so you know the sticky clear coat will have you triple lunar flipping in no time.

Mr Sourmash is a well-known and respected artist in the kendama industry. His signature clear coat is nice and sticky, perfect for balance tricks like lunar.
Beech is a species that looks good, plays well, and can take a beating. It is widely used in the kendama industry, and is a stock favourite of many players. 
Weight 73.4 gram ken / 75.9 gram tama. 

Each sourmash kendama comes packaged with a spare string, bead and stickers.