Mystery Box - Terra Wall

A piece of Terra history

 In 2014 we moved our workshop to Vancouver, and one of the first things we did after moving was build a massive wall display for our kendama collection. The iconic Terra Wall holds 98 kendamas, and over the years countless players have stopped by and jammed the many unique damas we keep on display. 

These mystery boxes contain used kendamas that once lived on the shop wall. Our kendama collection numbers in the hundreds, so rather than retire old wall damas to a dusty box in the back of the workshop, we thought it would be a better idea to give them a new home, in your hands. Each kendama is a little piece of our shop's history, and we've included a handwritten card explaining the origin or story of each one. The boxes also contain other (new) kendamas and/or Terra pills, accessories, and of course stickers.


This box includes a single mystery kendama from the Terra wall, as well as a Terra jumbo pill, carrying bag, keychain, stickers, etc. 


This box is includes two mystery kendamas from the Terra wall, as well as a Terra Pill, a new kendama (Ozora, Krom rubber paint, TK16), an extra carrying bag, bearing bead pack, stickers, etc. 


To be absolutely clear: the 'wall kendamas' included in these mystery boxes are used, they have been played by the countless players that have visited our shop over the years. Some are fairly fresh, but others may have flat spikes, missing paint, or small cup chips. Each one is still playable, and represents a piece of our history, and our mission to share the game of kendama with as many people as possible.