TerraPly Handturned

King of plys

TerraPly is a laminate that we produce, it is made by pressing and gluing very thin layers of wood together. This batch of kens is made from alternating layers of maple and sapele, two wood species selected for maximum playability. These kens are hand-turned in our workshop, and are topped with weight-matched V4 Smith KUSA tamas. 

Maple is a lightly coloured classic! It is well-loved in the kendama community, and has a soft and easy-to-play feel that makes it easier to hone in on difficult tricks. 
Sapele is brown in colour, and is a species related to genuine Honduran Mahogany. Similar to maple, it has a soft and playable feel that makes the two species a perfect pair!

In the drop-down menu, the weight of each kendama is listed next to the ken number (ken weight / tama weight). These kendamas are part of our hand-turned delta-series. Each ken has an engraving hidden under the sarado, listing the series and number of that kendama. Price includes free tracked shipping within the US and Canada. Every order includes a drawstring carrying bag, wooden kendama ID card, spare string, bearing bead and stickers. Each ken is handmade by Alex Smith in our Vancouver workshop