Limited Edition - Van Jam Dama

6 Years of Jam

Each year, kendama players travel from far and wide to attend Van Jam, and this year was no exception. Players from across Canada, the USA, Japan, and Europe made their way to Vancouver, to hang out and jam some dama. 

To celebrate, we've made this special run of Van Jam damas, available for a limited time while supplies last. Crafted from a high quality maple wood, featuring Van Jam artwork in our Prefect shape, this is dama made for the jam. 

Prefect shape
Modernized cup sizes
High quality Maple wood
"Beta-beta" sticky clear-coat paint
Van Jam 6 engraving in the big cup

Larger bottom cup hole for lunar balance
70/30 tama design for spike tracking
Larger tama bevel for easier spikes
Bearing bead for less string tangle
Avg Weight: 82.2 g ken / 79.1 g tama 
Tama diameter: 6.3 cm
Height: 16.9 cm


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 Kendama comes without packaging, includes a spare string pack (black), and Terra stickers.