We Like Making Things.

We specialize in 100% hand-made kendamas, using beautiful and exotic woods. We have also invented a new juggling toy, called The Pill (patent pending). 
Our workshop is in Vancouver, BC. We host Jam Night every Tuesday from 5-7pm; stop by to learn some new tricks and explore our shop! 

Handmade from start to finish, fresh new toys for your collection. Enjoy.

The Pill - JUMBO

Special offer Free Shipping!
Order 2 or more Jumbo pills and get free shipping within Canada and the USA! Free shipping option will automatically become available during checkout*. 

These Jumbo Pills are made to perform: their larger size makes them ideal for learning balance and stall tricks. Available in three new colours, plus a natural beechwood option. 

Size 14.5 cm x 7.3 cm
Avg Weight 415 grams

Each Pill comes in professional packaging, and includes a keychain, spare string and stickers. 

*free shipping option not showing up? Send us an email and we'll figure it out for you!
Patent Pending (13/554,518)

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Product Release: Bamboo, Padauk and Wenge Pills!

May 14, 2015

Skill-toys made from exotic wood species have always been our company's specialty. For this reason, last fall we were excited to release the exotic series of pills, a beautiful lineup of purpleheart, zebrano, cumaru, and vera wood. Today, we are proud to show off three new additions to this lineup: bamboo, padauk, and wenge! They are available now in our webshop.Bamboo:Padauk: Wenge:  

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New Video: Jumbo Pills & Cat Guns

March 30, 2015

Jake Wiens put this fun edit together, jamming his jumbo pill and shooting his cat gun!

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