Handturned Process

Handturned one at a time
Terra Kendama was born as a company that produced all of its products by hand. More recently, we have expanded to include other methods of production, but our specialty still lies in creating unique and beautiful toys by hand in our workshop. All of our work is done freehand. No jigs, no tracer attachments, no knife moulds. 
Fun fact: when we first started the company and were searching for a name, we considered 'Main Kendamas', since 'main' means 'hand' in French (one of Canada's official languages). 

Precision and craftsmanship
We take pride in ensuring our products are made to a precise standard. Over the years we have developed a thorough understanding of the craftsmanship and low tolerance for error required to create a high quality toy.

Knowledge of exotic woods
As many of our kens are crafted from exotic woods and homemade laminates, we've spent a great deal of time expanding our knowledge of various woods and their properties. These properties include playability, durability, moisture expansion, density, and how these variables interact when pairing woods for striped or multi-wood kendamas or Pills. 

Hand-painted tamas
Each tama is hand-sprayed right in our workshop, using the Terra paint formula everyone loves. Most Terra tamas are factory made Beechwood tamas, and we do our best to match them by weight and complementary colour to each ken we make.
Exotic wood tamas are turned freehand on the lathe and are matched appropriately by weight and wood type to each ken.

Attention to Detail
It's the little things that set our kens apart. From individualized ID cards for each kendama to the hand-cut vinyl seals put on our products, each item is treated with love before leaving our shop.

We take pride in creating these kendamas so that our customers can take pride in owning them.