We Like Making Things.

We specialize in 100% hand-made kendamas, using beautiful and exotic woods. We have also invented a new juggling toy, called The Pill (patent pending). 
Our workshop is in Vancouver, BC. We host Jam Night every Tuesday from 5-7pm; stop by to learn some new tricks and explore our shop! 


Handmade from start to finish, fresh new toys for your collection. Enjoy.

LBB - Beechwood

Made to fit your hands

These kendamas are just a 'Little Bit Bigger' than normal, designed to fit into the hands of the average kendama player more comfortably than the traditional size. The LBB shape is unique, built to be and all-around jammer that will help you shred even the toughest tricks. 

Beech is a species that looks good, plays well, and can take a beating. It is widely used in the kendama industry, and is a stock favourite of many players. 
Avg Weight 86 gram ken / 91 gram tama 

Each kendama comes unstrung in a sealed box with a carrying bag, string, bead, and string tool. CNC-manufactured in the Czech Republic, weight-matched, assembled and packaged in our Vancouver workshop. Stickers included with every order. 

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Terra Pill at Toy Fair 2017

February 28, 2017

Last week we spent some time in NYC for Toy Fair, which is the largest toy industry show in N America. It was the fifth year we've attended Toy Fair, but this time instead of showing off the Terra Pill in the KendamaUSA booth, we had a booth of our own! Toy Fair is always a crazy, busy, and amazingly fun experience, and this year was no exception! Check out this review on the Terra Pill to get a little bit of insight into our booth at the show, written by Jim Bessman.

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Black Friday 2016

November 25, 2016

We have some great deals for Black Friday!10% off EVERYTHING in the shop!-> Just use the code 'BLACKFRIDAY' at checkout to apply the discountJumbo Pill and Zebrano or Purpleheart Pill for just $59.99!-> Normally priced at $109.98, save 45% with this deal!Terra Kendama Pro Models!-> Support our team by buying their pro models, check them out here:Eric Martin / Rodney Ansell / Matt Rice  

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