Pro Model - Special Edition - Rodney Ansell

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Rod's new Mod 

Rod has been a part of the Terra team since our earliest days - he brings an unmatched style and energy into everything he does, and this new pro model is no exception. 

There were no limits with this batch- we told each pro to go crazy with the wood designs, and so Rod utilized birch and purpleheart, with a beechwood tama on top. Longtime players will recognize this as a throwback to Rod's original LBB pro model design. Featuring a reimagined colourway for his tama, and packaged in a custom printed carrying bag, this is a kendama that is sure to stand out in any collection. 

"Ever since I started making kendamas in 2014, I've learned a lot about different shapes, their attributes, and what I like in a kendama. With every ken that I've made, I've gotten a little closer to this shape, which I've decided to call the Kocho shape (Japanese for favourable, or in good shape). Designing a kendama from scratch is hard, so I just wanted to use everything that has influenced me, and put it all into one design as best as I could."

"One of the largest parts of this, but maybe one of the most miniscule design-wise, is in the base cup, if you look it says 'SHCL' and 'Funk'. And that is just a shout out to two very good friends of mine, Dave Mateo and Dan Moe. These guys were guys in the community that had this love and this light about them that was really incomparable, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to help spread this light as best I can. So I hope that when you play with this mod, that you really feel that love and that light that those guys shared with me, because that's what I'm trying to share with you." -Rod


Rod's Kocho shape

Birch and Purpleheart Ken
Ken and Sarado engravings 
An all new rubber paint
SHCL and Funk bottom cup engravings
Large bottom cup 'bullet-hole' for lunar balance
Extra string/bearing pack, and stickers
Avg Weight: 83.2 g ken / 84.9 g tama 
Ken Length: 16.5 cm
Tama diameter: 6.15 cm


A portion of all pro model sales get paid as a royalty to that pro, so by purchasing a Rod pro model, you help support Rod in his kendama journey. In this case, Rod is also graciously donating a portion of his royalties to the families of Dave Mateo and Dan Moe, in loving memory of these two great friends.
Kendama comes packaged in a drawstring bag, with an extra string and bearing pack. Extra stickers included with every order. 

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