Pro Model - Special Edition - Max Angel

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Max is Pro!

Max joined our team a couple years ago and quickly became part of the family. From coming out for jam night, to working in the Terra shop, to now sharing Terra with the European scene, we're stoked to have him on board in such a big way. 

There were no limits with this batch- we told each pro to go crazy with the wood designs, and so Max incorporated white ash, wenge, and padauk into his model. Featuring a whole new colourway for his tama, and packaged in a custom printed carrying bag, this is a kendama that is sure to stand out in any collection. 

A note from Max on his new shape:

"For my shape I wanted to mainly focus on taps, kenflips, and lighthouses. I wanted a shape that would compliment the other pro shapes Terra has and not try to make the perfect all-arounder. This brought me to the Gyro shape. Tall, balanced, with just a small base cup hole to still smack lunars, this shape really fits the new gen juggle lines that we see a lot of today. This shape really turned out better than I could have hoped, I'm sure you'll unlock that next kenflip or tap you're chasing with it <3." -Max


Gyro Shape Logo


Max's Gyro shape

White Ash / Wenge / Padauk Wood
Herb the frog engraved on the ken 
Small bottom cup hole for lunar balance
An all new Betta³ sticky paint
Extra string and bearing pack included
Avg Weight: 83.2 g ken / 79.8 g tama 
Ken Length: 165.0 mm
Tama diameter: 61.5 mm


A portion of all pro model sales get paid as a royalty to that pro, so by purchasing a Max pro model, you help support Max in his kendama journey. Each package includes an extra string & bearing pack. Extra stickers included with every order.