Terra Pill Maintenance

Stringing your Terra Pill

  • We always recommend starting with a new string (old strings can become frayed and more difficult to work with). A spare string is included with every Pill.
  • We recommend a minimum string length of 40 cm from cap half to spike half.
  • Spike Half (M) Pass one end of the string through the hole in the string nub on the bottom of the pill. To secure it, we recommend tying a bowline knot (this knot will not come undone when put under tension).

  • Cap Half (F) Pass the other end of the string through the small hole in the top of the pill. Next, thread a bead onto the string. Tie a simple slip-knot in the end of the string, to hold it all together. Adjust the string length if you don't get it right the first time!
  • If you're having trouble fitting the string through the string-holes, you can use a paperclip or needle to clear any debris/wood that may be blocking the hole. You can also use fishing line or dental floss to help pull the string through the hole.


Keeping your Spike Fresh

  • As you play with it, the end of the spike on a pill will flatten out, losing its original sharp shape. This can make spiking it more difficult, so some players choose to add glue to the tip to help it stay sharp longer. This is entirely personal preference though - some people never glue their tips at all!
  • If you glue your tip, we recommend playing with your pill a little first, so that the very end of the spike wears down ever so slightly. The glue will harden the tip, so if you glue a fresh, sharp spike, it will do more damage to the Pill cap when you miss tricks! 
  • Add a small amount of super glue to the very tip. You don't need much! A single coat will do, you don't want to form any drips! Only add glue to the angled bevel at the end of the spike, never below the bevel on the sides of the spike itself.

  • Glue does not last forever, eventually you will wear down the coating and your spike will start to flatten out. At this point, it is okay to add a little more glue to the tip, to help it last longer.