Craig Langkaas

Born in Calgary AB. Now lives in Vancouver, BC

Living Since 1990
Playing Since 2012

Instagram @primechiken

KWC Top 100 2016 (no. 66)
KWC Top 100 2015 (no. 80)
Dama on the Drive Shop Champ - October 2017

Dama Story
Summer of 2012 I was living in Edmonton, AB and one of my old friends from Calgary, Curtis Fagan kept posting statuses and videos of this toy thing called kendama. Very intrigued I looked it up on YouTube and I think the first video I ever watched was this “kendama champion” showing off his skills in a parking lot (Shoutout Shinichiro Miyake!). I had to try it for myself. I messaged Curtis asking how I can get one and he told me that because I’m in Edmonton I should just get in touch with his friend Alex Smith. I met up with Alex and bought an apple green KCN Battle kendama. I was hooked right away. Pretty early on I realized that kendama was more than just a simple toy. Kendama is an incredible catalyst for personal growth and achievement. It has taken me across the world to places I’d never thought I’d be, introduced me to life-long friends, and taught me many things I would never expect to learn from a wooden toy. Incredibly stoked to be repping Terra Kendama and spreading the kendama love.