Eric Martin

Alias (Eh,)Rick!

Living Since 1990
Playing since 2009 

Instagram @heshisfresh

Into skateboarding and snowboarding

Kendama World Cup 2014, 2015, 2016 Finalist
JKA Certified 3rd Dan 
Sweets Kendamas' Stringless Competition 2013 Winner
Kendama Edmonton 2011 Speed Trick Winner 

Dama Story
I discovered Kendama camping with buddies for a weekend. I spent most of that weekend trying to land the ball in all three cups in a row. After that I figured I should buy one of my own! I ordered a leaf green ozora off and after the longest 3 weeks of my life it arrived. From first spikes to tama tricks to trying to get creative and silly with tricks, Kendama has been something I haven't been able to put down! It has introduced me to incredible people across the world who are now great friends of mine, and it has been a huge part of my travels. It's broken the ice in awkward situations, made random people want to give me money.. (only once haha), kept me entertained waiting in lines or just waiting for anything in general! It was a toy that I never saw myself getting into. But a few years down the road it's a completely different story! Stoked to still be jammin Dama and stoked to be reppin Terra Kendama. #yeemuhboi