Jarod Porter

Living Since May 11, 1998
Playing since Aug 7, 2013

Instagram @jawrrr

Van Jam 2, 3rd Place
MKO 2015 Open division, 4th Place
Spotown Throwdown 2016 Winner
Van Jam 3, 3rd Place

Kendama, Climbing, Fingerboarding, Sketching

School of Thought
Fall in love with the grind. Nothing is luck, it's a numbers game so keep trying till you get it. Get stoked on your friends landing tricks. Film your progress. Play in public.

Dama Story
My aunt gifted a kendama to my mom after a trip to Japan 20+ years before it caught on in my city. I could do the cups and spike for as long as I can remember so I guess you could say I've always played. Then in 2013 it popped off in my city around the same time I broke my non dominant wrist skateboarding and it's all I did as it healed. I made friends through it and posted progression clips to Instagram where I connected with the community online. Taking inspiration from everyone online my head would be filled with new trick or combo ideas that I would stay grinding on day after day until I landed. All this time and it's only gotten more fun as the ability to land more tricks has opened up more realms of opportunity. It's changed my life through all the experiences I've had with it. I've travelled more for kendama than any other reason and it's amazing looking back on how kendama has offered me so much and looking forward at all the opportunities it continues to present. Dama till death.