Junya Sato

Alias  Buchoo, Mojya, String Man 

Living Since 1979
Playing since 2009 (kendama), 2013 (Pill)

Instagram @junya_otas

Into tacos, cooking, being a kendama geek

JKA Certified 5th Dan
Grip Kendama Online Contest 2015 Honorable Mentions
The 2nd Tokyo Kendama Grandprix Best Presentation Trick Award Winner

Dama Story
When I worked as a child welfare staff in 2009, I started playing Kendama through my job. Kendama was one of few toys for children who lived in an institution and it was a good tool to close the distance among staffs and children. First I learned how to play it from a child who was able to do a trick of BIRD.

I made our team with my friend Yuta Yoshida (Yumu Pro) who felt the potential of Kendama same as me. I collected information about Kendama from the internet. Then I found a Japanese legend player and an incredible overseas team. It was Wenatchee Kendama Team. I was becoming a Kendama geek.
A few years later I established my own team named Shonan Kendama Team (SKT) as a leader. I asked Masahiro Yanagawa (Sanga PV Player), Taku Hatanaka (Sweets HG team), Takashi Hinata (DWI Pro) and Shohei Kanda (KROM JAPAN) to join the team. We worked up SKT and became a pioneer of the Japanese Kendama movement.

Kendama is essential for my life. That gives me lots of opportunities to meet great friends all over the world... and even my wife.

I would enjoy playing Kendama until death haha:)