Max Angel

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario

Living Since 1997
Playing Since 2010

Instagram @kendamax.angel

Van Jam 2022 Competitve 2nd Place
Brewbattle 2021 Open Winner
Brewbattle 2021 Freestyle 2nd Place
Lotus Kendama Best Trick Contest 2020 Winner
Terra Two Year Video Contest 2012 - 2nd Place

School of Thought 
I love the community aspect of kendama. There are people all over the world I would have never connected with if not for kendama. Anyone can play, and so connecting with other players has become a great way to step outside my circle and meet all kinds of people. For me it's an incredible tool for connection. That being said, the community aspect of Kendama is very new to me. I played almost completely alone until 2018. More than anything, kendama has been a teacher in patience, perseverance, and a meditative tool. In kendama you can only succeed by failing a thousand times first, and that's always stuck with me.

Dama Story
A family friend showed me kendama in September of 2010 and I was immediately hooked. I had a few friends show interest and play for a month or so, and my brother Sam played for a while, but I mostly played alone until 2018. I was briefly sponsored by Folken Kendama in 2014, and then I took a bit of a hiatus until 2018. In the summer of 2018 I met the Kendama Europe crew at a skate event in Munich, Germany. They gave me a newer gen kendama and since then I haven't put it down! Came back to Canada and found community here :)