Rodney Ansell

Alias Roddama

Living Since 1987
Playing since 2009

Instagram  @Roddama

Into yoga, meditation, skateboarding, wood turning, slappin da bass

JKA Certified 4th Dan
Baguette Kendama Cup 2022 Freestyle 3rd Place
Kendama World Cup 2017 Finalist
Catch & Flow 2014, 2015, 2016 Finalist
Grip Kendama Online Contest 2015, 2016 Runner up
Grip Kendama Online Contest 2013, 2014 Winner
KROMstack Contest 2012, 2013 Champion

School of Thought
Kendama is a great means of meeting people, regardless of what language you speak. It has brought me to as many places as I have brought it: from Egypt, to India, Europe to Japan, Vietnam to Korea, I've been able to make friends with anyone willing to take the time to understand the simple movements and enjoy it. 

Dama Story
I started playing kendama at the same time that I was living with Eric Martin in Calgary, Alberta. Living together, we constantly pushed each other daily to learn new tricks along with the KE homies. Somehow we traveled to Japan in 2012 and happened to be there for the JKA’s World Kendama Festa in Osaka where I met new pro players for the first time, who are now long term friends! It's crazy to look at how kendama has influenced my life. I now am a kendama maker for a living, a professional player, and teacher. I have and do teach most of my passions: kendama, yoga, bass guitar. I feel really lucky to have had these opportunities and meet all the beautiful people around the world that enjoy the same toy as me!