Troy Grenier

Alias Yardwaste

Born in Abbotsford, BC

Living Since 1992
Playing Since

Instagram @troy_yardwaste

Into skateboarding, rock climbing, RC trucks, woodworking, model building, fixing old cars and building cool vehicles, hanging with my turtle

Mount Tianzhu Downhill Race 2018, 2019 Champion
Sullivan Challenge 2015, 2016, 2017 Champion
International Downhill Federation 2016 - North American Champion
Whistler World Cup 2015 Champion

Dama Story
One day I was waiting at the top of a hill at a downhill event in Slovenia and a kid had this crazy toy so I had to check it out. I had some fun and went down the hill not thinking much about it. Then my teammate Dillon got one and we started to play with it to pass the time waiting for individual riders to get their qualifying time.

Travelling around the world with lots of wait times in airports and at skate events always left us bored or with dead batteries on our phones and game boys. So I got one and since then I’ve always had a Dama on me. I don’t compete but have a lot of fun jamming with friends and challenging myself to learn new tricks. It’s skateboarding for my hands :D


Troy is an elusive billy goat - if he's not busy chainsawing trees as an arborist, he's off winning Longboard competitions around the world, camping in the backwoods, or building up school bus motorhomes. See if you can catch a glimpse of him on Instagram.