May 29, 2016

June 11 - Edgemont Kendama Jam & Competition

On Saturday, June 11, we're helping to host a kendama jam and competition at the BC Playthings shop, in North Vancouver BC. There will be contests for all skill levels, as well as a freestyle jam, pill contests, and many other sidegames. 

Registration begins 9:00 am
Competition starts 10:00 am

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Please see the video below for a rundown of the contest rules, and a demonstration of the trick ladders.


Ladder battle rules:
- Each competitor can compete in one skill category (beg, int, adv)
- Any standard kendama may be used, but no kendamas larger than a Terra LBB (18cm tall, base cup to spike)
- Qualifying rounds will be larger groups, with the first few competitors to complete the ladder in each group advancing to later rounds
- Final rounds will be heads up, and the final two competitors will compete in a best of three battle
- The goal is to land each trick in the ladder, as quickly as possible
- Try each trick until you land it, then move to the next trick, until you have landed all five tricks
- Tricks must be completed in the listed order
- No ‘adjustments', or using your other hand to adjust the ken or tama

1. Candlestick
2. Around the block (catch on all three cups, any order)
3. Airplane
4. Big cup, tap to big cup
5. Spike! (no spinning)

1. Hanging spike
2. Lighthouse, falling in
3. Around Europe (any order)
4. One turn airplane
5. Downspike!

1. Around USA (any order)
2. One turn lighthouse, tradespike
3. Bird over the valley, spike
4. Inward jumping stick
5. Whirlwind!

Freestyle contest rules:
- Each competitor will have ~30 seconds to perform their best moves on stage
- Judges will be looking for creativity, difficulty, showmanship, and of course you have to land your tricks!
- Any size of kendama is allowed